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DON'T underestimate the risk of FLU - Book your jab today! Posted on 6 Sep 2016


It’s that time of year again, DON’T underestimate the risk of FLU


Why is flu serious for some people?

  • Many people think flu is just a bad cold, but it isn’t – Flu can develop into more serious illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia, which could lead to a stay in hospital or even death in some cases.
  • Although many say they rarely get flu, each year around 15-20% of people in the UK are infected.
  • Flu spreads easily – flu viruses can survive as particles in the air, or on surfaces such as door handles for several hours. So one person with flu can infect many others


The Department of Health recommends flu vaccinations if you are:


  • Pregnant
  • Aged 65 or over
  • A person with diabetes

Or if you have a long-term condition of the:

  • Lungs, e.g. asthma or COPD
  • Heart
  • Brain or nervous system
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Immune system
  • Spleen


Flu vaccination is still your best option for protection against flu. So, if you’re in one of the groups listed above, don’t underestimate flu.


We have various flu clinics running throughout September and will also be holding a flu clinic on Saturday 8th October 2016

 So why wait….. Call 01709 828806 & book your jab today!

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Elements Spa